Arrival Dates for Hilton Grand Vacations

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Confirm your arrival date now. Please note: Calendars are resort-specific, so please double check your dates below.

* Please Note:
  • Christmas and New Year weeks and periods do not necessarily start on a Saturday or Sunday, and you should refer to the calendar provided at time of purchase, or any subsequent replacement calendar. Alternatively please call your home resort to confirm your arrival date for any specific year.
  • At Craigendarroch depending on your lodge number, Christmas weeks always start on the 22 or 23 December, and New Year weeks always commences on 29 or 30 December.
  • At Dunkeld in the Osprey Lodges ( lodge numbers 18 -23) Christmas weeks starts on the 23 December and New Year commences on the 30 December for the calendar years above.
  • At Coylumbridge, Christmas & New Year owners please refer to your specific calendars.

Rental and Resale Forms

Rental and Resale Forms

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