Important Information for Lodge Owners

Please Beware Cold Calls

Important Information for Lodge Owners

It is with regret that unscrupulous individuals continue to mislead and defraud our Owners, so please beware any cold calls you receive at home. In recent years we have been made aware by Lodge Owners, of a large increase in calls being received at their homes in connection with the potential resale of their week(s), or a so called legal case being taken against developers and exchange companies, by companies stating they are arranging a joint claim.

In our experience we have never heard of any such company that proves to be legitimate, and we would encourage extreme caution in becoming involved. The companies calling often state that they have a purchaser for your week, and sometimes claim to be working in association with your home resort.  They then normally ask you to make a payment to facilitate the sale, and unfortunately a number of Owners have made this payment.   Often they also ask you to arrange to visit them in say Spain or the Canary Islands to facilitate a sale.

During 2015 & 2016 there has also been an increase in companies seeking to defraud Owners by claiming to be able to assist in enabling you to exit your ownership.  We regret again that we know of no legitimate companies who perform this activity, and we would encourage you not to make any payments.  If in doubt please call your home resort for advice.   Hilton Grand Vacations offers Owners the opportunity to relinqusih their ownership in certain circumstances for no charge, and we would encourage you to speak with us first. 

To re-iterate, in our experience these calls do not lead to a sale of your week, and the chances are that any payments you make will be lost.   In the event that you have made such a payment, your credit card company may be able to assist with the recovery of the payment. 

Whilst Lodge Owners wishing to sell are able to use any agency they choose, your Hilton resort does offer this service for no up front fee.

Please be assured that at no time have we ever disclosed our ownership database to third parties.

Up to the date advice on such incidents, including new methods being used by such companies are often posted on the website of the Resort Development Organisation.  Please refer to for the latest such information.  


Hilton Grand Vacations, October 2016.